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Health Care, Relations with Administrations, Accessible City

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Health Care

While having a great experience in working with hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms and rehabilitation centers, our company develops and implements modernization projects, increases the number of §beds and updates technical software in the abovementioned medical institutions. Following the highest international standards we also design and construct medical and rehabilitation centers.

Relations with Administrations

Invar Consulting has a unique experience of cooperation with municipal and state administrations. We are familiar with their structure and their legal functions. Hance our capibility in providing effective cooperation with community, business and the state, through giving necessary consultations, following the principles of proffesional ethics and transparency.

Accessible City

In this sphare we provide the following services : 1) design and construction of ramps and sidewalks; 2) development and technical support of sound pedestrian crossings, community liaison offices and other related  infrastructure; 3) development and installation of tactile elements for pavements, crossings, tourism facilities and other infrastructure.

Global and Local

We are professionals

Our academic specializations are: health care and rehabilitation, physical culture and sport, Ukrainian and European political affairs, European and Ukrainian law, corporate finance and risk management. We speak: Ukrainian, French, Russian, German and English.

Implementing ideas

Creating new possibilities

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Засоби Реабілітації
Living Healthy in Ukraine
Смоленський торфобрикетний завод
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In Europe and in Asia

These are the ways we work


We have our own analytical and juridical facilities. In addition to that, we have our own constracting and project-design teams that help us quickly and efficiently develop and implement a project.

Quality and consistency

All the services that we provide are accompanied by preliminary implementation plan, commonly deifined deadlines. certain project coordinator, and constant updates on the developement of the project.


Each project is unique and requires a very particular approach. We have successfully implemented a number of projects in Ukraine, Moldova, Belgium, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan and hence, fully understand the importance of the regional pecularities, ethics, sphere, etc.

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